If you are looking for a professional Clinical Hypnotherapist with:

17 years clinical experience

neuroscience based training

a diploma level Hypnotherapy qualification

a background in Social Services and Real Life

memberships to Professional Health Associations

client needs focus

then contact Jane Valentine today to discuss your needs.

We all have the potential to use our minds in a more powerful way to achieve any goal that we set ourselves – if we are just shown ho . My philosophy is to share with you how to use your mind to become relaxed, focused, confident and to over come any obstacle in your way.  I focus on empowering my clients to make the positive changes that they truly desire. This means that they can keep moving toward a greater and clearer understanding and experience of their true potential.

My sessions incorporate education and increased self awareness (e.g. identifying one’s own limiting beliefs and problem behaviours, recognizing how and what is contributing to our own problems and what is strengthening those behaviours) , alongside hypnosis in the form of a personalised therapy. This is all done within a positive and supportive therapeutic relationship.

I combine my knowledge and training in the topics of  Nutrition, Psychology, Counselling,  Neuroscience, Brain Development and Attachment to assist my clients to understand themselves better and to make more informed and powerful choices, followed by empowered action. I am also providing Psychotherapy sessions as I am currently furthering my skills by training in TA Psychotherapy.


Jane Valentine – Dip. Clin. Hyp,  Dip. NZP.


Clinical Hypnotherapist, Counsellor, Psychotherapist ( in training)

I became a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist because I had personally experienced the amazing results of Hypnosis while training to be a Police Officer in 1994. I used it in my studies and in my physical training with excellent results. Later on I also used it in sports and medical situations and the positive results blew me away.

Being a therapist  is all about empowering others. It is incredibly rewarding work and I feel privileged to assist in the growth of others. I feel that I am involved in one of the most rewarding professions in the world!  I work with both children and adults.  Much of my clientele is through referrals from health professionals, GP’s and recommendations from past clients.

I have been practicing Clinical Hypnotherapy since 1999 and have been practicing full time since 2005.

I have a Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy and a Diploma in Policing. My Hypnotherapy training includes  Pain Management, Stress Management, Human Sexuality, Self Hypnosis, Child Birth, Sports Hypnosis, Forensic Questioning and Regression as well as large componants in Physiology, Orthomolecular Nutrition, Counselling and Psychology. I also have received further training in the Neuroscience of Brain Development and Attachment relationships.

I am a full member of the New Zealand Society of Clinical & Applied Hypnotherapy (NZSCAH) , a member of The Natural Health Council NZ (inc).