Jane has been practicing as an Equestrian Sports Hypnotherapist for 14 years as well as being a life long Equestrian herself, so she intimately understands a riders challenges and needs. 

Sports Hypnosis, and Equestrian Sports Hypnosis is a growing field in the United States and around the world. Athletes, including riders are keenly aware that so much of their performance is “In the Mind”. Hypnosis sessions are a highly effective way to help riders improve mental focus, tune out all distractions and visualise the outcome they desire. Hypnosis can provide that competitive advantage and allow you to get into that “ZONE” state of mind where everything is functioning at its peak with no conscious interference.

Riders of all levels and ages, including children , respond very well to Equine Sports Hypnosis

Equine Sports Hypnotherapy can assist riders to:

  • increase confidence
  • reduce competition day nerves
  • reduce dressage test stress and improve memory
  • improve focus
  • overcome mental blocks.
  • panic attacks
  • recover from falls and accidents
  • fears and phobias
  • overcome unconscious and conscious fears
  • unconscious habits
  • improving focus
  • jumping confidence

Your most powerful riding tool is your mind!

Use Sports Hypnosis for Peak Performance

It is often said that sports are 90% or even 99.9% mental. If so, why do most athletes and their trainers spend 99% of their time working only on the physical aspect of conditioning?

Prepare for the coming season with Equine Sports Hypnosis:

  • Increase focus
  • Gain confidence
  • Overcome mental blocks
  • Overcome performance anxiety
  • Learn to get into the zone

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Dressage Test Anxiety?

Do you find it difficult to relax when warming up for your dressage tests? Do you ride into the arena after having practiced and practiced only to forget the test sequence or just ride the whole test too quickly? Are your nerves getting the better of you?

Do you feel out of control as if you are riding in a dream? Detached and not completely conscious of what you are doing? Do you feel like your brain takes a holiday when you need it the most?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then you are not alone. Many, riders are feeling the same way and suffering from this inability to think and function clearly when they are competing.

Why does this happen to you and what can be done about it?

When the human body is faced with a stress or perceived danger, it releases adrenaline and cortisol, among other chemicals, that prepare us physically to deal with the stressor through the fight, flight or freeze responses. This biological response goes way back into our evolution to help us to escape or overcome predators, rivals and life threatening dangers. It was and can still be very helpful in our ability to survive real danger.

However, although our daily stresses are no longer Sabre Toothed Tigers or neighbouring clans of cavemen, our responses can remain the same if we perceive the event as very stressful, even if it is not “really” a danger. When we are very anxious, fearful or nervous going into a dressage test the body can register it as a “perceived danger” and then respond as if it were a real danger.

Unfortunately, while we are in this heightened state of arousal our Cortex, the part of our brain that we rely on for logic and reasoning, loses its ability to function properly. This loss of access to the higher regions of our brain causes that memory block, feeling of detachment, and feeling like you are not in complete control of yourself throughout the test.

Removing the fear or nervousness that you have consciously or unconsciously associated with riding the test during competition can remove the trigger that causes this stress response.

Hypnotherapy can assist by changing your perception of the “danger” in the same way that it can assist with things like a fear of heights. It can help you to gain more control over your stress response so that you can be much more deeply relaxed and therefore ride consciously through your tests, just like you are able to do at home.

Riders who have used Equine Sports Hypnosis for this purpose have reported feeling so relaxed during their warm up time that they felt like they were riding much more slowly than everyone else. They also felt as if their horses were much more relaxed because they were relaxed.

After completing the test, the riders reported feeling completely conscious and in control of what they were doing. They felt that they were able to control their pace more accurately. Riders commented that their memory appeared to have functioned better and that they were able to remember the test easily, so it flowed better for them.

They also found that they were able to correct themselves and their mounts before the movement fell apart instead of just trying to recover after the fact as they had done previously.

Overall the riders reported they felt much more relaxed and more in control. Consequently they often found that their marks and comments had improved.

Client Comments

Hi Jane

I would just like to say a HUGE THANK YOU, since coming to see you about my loosing my confidence riding after taking a fall and breaking my ankle, I went and did the ODE yesterday, I even felt brave enough to do Pre-training, I had a fantastic time, had clear Show Jumping and Cross Country and came 9th overall but better yet I felt fantastic, still felt nervous but normal nervous not freaked out shaking.

thank you so much for all your help

Kellie B.

Hi Jane,

Just thought I would let you know that things are going really really well with my daughter and her riding thanks to your expertise. I think we told you at our last visit that she had set herself little goals to achieve when riding her horse. Her goal to achieve by the end of this coming week was to do a canter circle on both reins. She achieved that on Saturday!! A week early.

She told me she felt really gutsy when she was riding on Saturday and she was just going to make him do it. She did this with him shaking his head and all. She just told him to get over it and canter!! She was buzzing. She felt like she had really achieved something.

We have also noticed other positive things about her’ confidence in general.


Hi Jane

I would like to say a huge thank you for your help in regaining my confidence and focus after a long break from dressage competition. We competed at our second competition at the weekend which was a big ‘ask’ really, being a large Championship show this time (the first for five years!). We had a very relaxed warm up – it felt like we were in our own ‘world’. On entering at A in the first test, my horse got a fright from some sudden noise behind him – instead of worrying about it, I just rode on positively into the next movements and it got better and better! The second test was easier again, and in both we finished just out of the placings. I rode them both from memory and am just delighted – I can’t wait for the next competition, it felt so great to be out there competing happily again!

Thank you so much for all your help.


Most riders have experienced the fact that when you are tense or stressed your horse picks this up and then does not work as well for you. You may be doing really well practicing at home, and when you get to the competition you become overly stressed. All your hard work unravels while warming up or when you get in the arena. Your horse is wondering what is up? What is making you tense and then reacts by tensing up and fighting you.

Or perhaps you have lost your confidence for some reason, which is taking the pleasure out of your riding? These and many other scenarios can be greatly assisted with Hypnotherapy.

Equine Sports Hypnotherapist, Jane Valentine, has been assisting riders to overcome issues and mental blocks that are preventing them from achieving their riding goals.

Through a thorough interview and discussion process Jane discovers how the riders mind is working and what the conscious and unconscious issues are that are holding them back.

Jane constructs the suggestions into a therapy that assist with bringing about change for the individual and delivers these suggestions to the rider while they are in the hypnotic state. Almost everyone can benefit from Hypnotherapy if they commit to the program provided, with children also responding very well. At the end of the process each rider has their own personal therapy on CD and is able to use this as a support tool in the future.

Contact Jane to discuss your needs