Equine Sports Hypnotherapy Provided by an Equestrian

dressage horse and woman rider on dressage competition

Jane has been practicing as an Equestrian Sports Hypnotherapist for 14 years as well as being a life long Equestrian herself, so she intimately understands a riders challenges and needs.

Sports Hypnosis, and Equestrian Sports Hypnosis is a growing field in the United States and around the world. Athletes, including riders are keenly aware that so much of their performance is “In the Mind”. Hypnosis sessions are a highly effective way to help riders improve mental focus, tune out all distractions and visualise the outcome they desire. Hypnosis can provide that competitive advantage and allow you to get into that “ZONE” state of mind where everything is functioning at its peak with no conscious interference.

Riders of all levels and ages, including children , respond very well to Equine Sports Hypnosis

Equine Sports Hypnotherapy can assist riders to:

  • increase confidence
  • reduce competition day nerves
  • reduce dressage test stress and improve memory
  • improve focus
  • overcome mental blocks.
  • panic attacks
  • recover from falls and accidents
  • fears and phobias
  • overcome unconscious and conscious fears
  • unconscious habits
  • improving focus
  • jumping confidence
Riding on the blach friesian horse in the sunset

Your most powerful riding tool is your mind!

Use Sports Hypnosis for Peak Performance

It is often said that sports are 90% or even 99.9% mental. If so, why do most athletes and their trainers spend 99% of their time working only on the physical aspect of conditioning?

Prepare for the coming season with Equine Sports Hypnosis:

  • Increase focus
  • Gain confidence
  • Overcome mental blocks
  • Overcome performance anxiety
  • Learn to get into the zone