Spiritual Counselling

Misty and autumn morning in the forest

Effective therapy addresses the mind, body and spirit and any therapy that helps to uncover deeper meaning and purpose in life, or helps in understanding the truth about oneself, is spiritual.

Spirituality is a word that means many different things to different people. Are you looking for a therapist who can also support you in your own unique spiritual growth? Maybe you are experiencing a spiritual crisis? Or perhaps you have been feeling lost and disconnected from your spiritual life? You may have you experienced a Near Death Experience (NDE) or a Spiritually Transformative Experience (STE) and are now feeling all alone because no one around you seems to understand? Please don’t suffer in silence. You don’t have to.

The symptoms of a Spiritual Crisis vary greatly depending on the person and the situation, but they can include:

  • feeling disconnected from life
  • feeling that part of you has left your body
  • uncontrollable crying
  • over-reacting to the small stuff
  • not finding anyone who understands you
  • a feeling of wanting to go "home"

A spiritual crisis can be triggered by a relationship break-up, a death in the family, or the feeling of suffocation that comes from being in a life that no longer “fits”. We no longer know why we are here, we disconnect from meaning and feel lost. A spiritual crisis is a time for growth and transformation. You can ask for help to get through it. There is a way out of this to a brighter future.

Awakenings happen to people from all belief systems. Spiritual counselling is a way of walking through the awakening process with support. It serves to help people make sense of the vast and profound changes they pass through in this life. Spiritual counselling helps people re-establish a greater sense of wholeness and wellness. Often a sense of awe and gratitude arises in response to waking up and letting go of the pain and struggle we’ve become accustomed to. This is the work of spiritual therapy, which is open to everyone regardless of your belief.

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